What I learnt whilst running – look out for what’s in front of you.

A couple of months ago I went running alongside an estuary. It was a glorious day. There was hovering low sunlight and the reflections beamed off the water. Birds, flocked together, powered through the air noiselessly.

I was so taken in by what was happening around me that I didn’t see the rabbit hole that left foot ended up in. I crumpled on a heap on the gras clutching my left ankle and shouted profanities safe in the knowledge that the nearest person must be a mile, possibly two, away.

I was so annoyed with myself. How did I not see it? What an amateur mistake!

I then hobbled back to the car, shoulders hunched over and profanities reduced to the mumbling of a madman.

Obviously I vowed not to make that mistake again. On the next run, I looked only at my feet. It was quite boring. Feet – at least for me – are boring.

It didn’t take long to realise that, whilst running and generally in life, you need to be aware of what’s immediate around you so you don’t tread in any rabbit holes (real or metaphorical). However, it is also as important to look up and look ahead.

Being constantly stuck in the now is necessary but monotonous. Looking ahead is exciting but unobtainable if you keep falling down holes.

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