What I learnt whilst not running.

Over the past year, I have run consistently 2 or 3 times a week without fail. This week I need time off. And that’s OK.

Naturally I would be inclined to feel like a failure at this point as I can’t do what I want to but actually my body needs a break. I have a pesky cold that won’t shift. My feet ache and haven’t recovered fully from the 10 mile event I did a couple of weeks ago. I’m also feeling pretty drained from what has been a difficult couple of months.

I suppose when your a runner, you need to know when not to run. Actually a week off is just going to give my body chance to recover – which o desperately needs.

After all I am not an athlete. My career doesn’t depend on my physical ability. I’m also not training for an event. I’m also not running for my figure or ego. So a week off won’t matter.

What will matter is being in the right condition to run. If I am full of cold and feet ache, I’m not going to enjoy it therefore not point in doing.

To enjoy running, you need to be physically well in order to do it, especially when you are the larger side like me at 6’2″ and 210lbs.

My aim of running is to help my head as much as anything. If I loose a bit of weight, great or if I run some events, fine.

The purpose of running is to be is to stay healthy over the next 20 years plus. A few days off in the scheme of things won’t matter.

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