What I learnt whilst running – Rain exists, that’s why we have coats!

I had every reason not to go running today.

I was recovering from a cold, it was raining heavily and I had work to do. But the established habit told me to get out.

To be fair, it wasn’t pretty. It was one of my usual routes that had turned into part stream because of so much rain.

Actually, when I was out there, the weather didn’t bother me at all. In fact nothing did.

Yes, my feet were wetter than normal and trainers covered in mud but I felt much better for doing it.

The dog still had fun chasing squirrels and I came back in a better mood than when I left. Job done.

On the drive back home, I thought about the analogy to mental health and the weather – it’s so apt; the constant changes and element of predictability make it the perfect metaphor.

But when the weather draws in and the rain begins to fall, it can be tempting to stay in doors and be at mercy to it. But getting out and not being a slave to it can make a huge difference.

I recently invested in a sign to hang by my front door. It says:

It’s serves as a reminder that I do have an element of control over how I feel and handle tough situations.

Today seems like such a small step to many but the result of lots of smaller actions before that which are leading to a happier life.

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