What to do when you’ve gone off track.

Over the past few days, as the dust is beginning to settle on the havoc that has ensued over the past months, I have begun questioning what the heck am I doing. I have begun thinking about lots of different aspects of my life including career, interests and, even more generally, where I buy my shopping. Now this is dangerous, as there would be a risk to through everything up in the air and start again only to get in one big mess in the not so distant future.

One thing I have done is sign up for the Stoic Week 2017. This is a week long, guided delve into Stoicism and how it can help in modern day life. I am a huge believer in how ancient wisdom can applied to anyone’s lives.

In fact, many principles have been pinched and re branded into what we now call cognitive behavioural therapy. But the wisdom is in the words and experiences of those who has gone before us. How can we use what they have learnt to make our lives better. Men such as Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus have jotted down many key pieces of advice, but simple reading them is perhaps not enough to bring about longstanding change.

I’ve signed up because I am rubbish at putting things into practice. I need dedicated time to reflect on these lessons and think constructively how to put them into practice and identify the changes that I want to bring about.

I have a good life, but I don’t believe it. Why is that? That simple view of myself and my life is not down to my circumstances but how I view them and the skewed principles that have morphed my self identity.

The idea of potential change is daunting, but also tremendously exciting as there is hope – there is always hope – that I might actually be who I’ve always wanted to be.

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