The foundations of tomorrow are built on the ashes of yesterday. 

I have thinking a lot about how things change. We live in a constant flux of change, nearly fluid. In many way, I am starting to think that making plans for the future is futile. 

My life has turned out nothing like how I planned as a young adult but ruing this is unhealthy and potentially damaging. Afterall, what’s done is done. No amount of thinking about it can change it. 

That said it is possible to change how you see things. Or change ideas of what you think is important. Recently my career and relationship have crumbled, practically down to the floor. 

Whilst I am devastated and temporarily paralysed by the impact of these collosal events, I begin think think forwards. I can’t change what’s happened, but I can alter my direction moving forward and I have hope of numerous possibilities.

I read in the newspaper about a story of the first national cricket stadium in Rwanda. It gave me a great sense of hope whilst putting personal problems into perspective. A British father and son had gone to Rwanda after the horrific massacres of the 90s to help those affected by the devastation. They did this through the medium of cricket. 

One thing struck me and that was that they were finding remains of the victims whilst they were playing.   Life in Rwanda will never be the same but there is still hope for their future.

The whole article is a testiment to how sport and people can help. What has been created looks beautiful and I can’t wait to hear about Rwandan cricket in tbe future. 

I’m not sure where I’ll be. I am getting used to the constant change and I’ll keep repeating the mantra: 

The foundations of today are built on the ashes of yesterday.

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