What I learnt from today’s run – Giving up gets you nowhere

This week, for one reason or another, I thought about stopping this blog. I was beginning to get bogged down in the traffic rather that enjoy the process of writing about my well being.  

To produce good quality content, you need to focus on what you’re writing and not how much traffic you generate. The quality might not be here yet, but the more I practice, the better it will get. If running has taught me anything, it is to keep going. 

When I started, I would do 2 twenty minute runs a week; now I am comfortable with 2 hour long runs and a half an hour run a week. I am so much stronger now because I kept going. I need to do this with the writing. Bad writing isn’t failing; giving up is. Now might be bit of a bump in terms of struggling with ideas but a lot of times ideas come you least expecting them – like when running. 

I’m starting to think that there is such a thing as overthinking; where the harder you attain your thoughts, the harder it is to think at your best. Sometimes, you need a distraction to let your subconscious go to town. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. There will always be hard times. But we have to keep going. 

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